Saturday, May 15, 2010

Father Son Campout

Noah's future preschool has a father/son campout every year on our church's playground. Since the principal of the school goes to our church, she invited Clint and Noah to join in on the fun.
Every time we go to a sports store Noah only wants to get in all the tents. And now he actually got to sleep in one. All the other kids were playing, but he wanted to stay in his tent cause he was so excited to sleep in one.
He'd start playing, but then ask Clint to come back inside the tent.
But by the end of the night, he was having so much fun playing ball with the older kids, that he "tucked daddy in" and told him he could go to sleep while he played ball. If he saw Clint looking out from the tent he'd say...."daddy go to sleep, you go to sleep now ok?" He knew he was up past his bedtime but wanted to keep playing, and thought that if Clint would fall asleep he wouldn't notice. But eventually (9pm) the fun was over and he came into the tent. But he was so scared that daddy would leave him there...but eventually he fell asleep with Clint. So cute.

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