Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Smooth moves

Noah wants to listen to music pretty much the whole day, and will often dance around the house to kiddies praise. A few nights ago he got a hold of my ipod and was listening to some Taylor Swift. Her song "Hey Stephen" is normally what we call "Autumn's song" cause whenever it comes on she'll smile, start bopping her little head and trying to hum with it. Anyway, here's a video of him dancing along with my ipod to "Hey Stephen". I think he's got some smooth moves. Oh, and I guess I'm not a closet Taylor Swift fan anymore :) But, hey. It's the closest thing you get to Country music in SA.


hylytylr said...

That's pretty much the cutest thing. :)

I know, I tried really hard not to like Taylor Swift for a long time, but some of her stuff is just pretty and fun. Ya gotta admit. :)

Emily Ban said...

So cute! Sammy is in the room with me and while watching Noah dance he decided to join in! lol