Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No pics

My blog is usually picture driven, cause I love photos, but my card reader isn't no pics this time, sorry!

I'm really loving this stage of mommy-hood, where both my kids can enjoy the same thing at the same time because Autumn is old enough to "get it" when it comes to playing with Noah, and I love having "grown up" conversations with Noah throughout the day. We chose to have our kids close so they could play together, and despite the hard work at the beginning of 2 in diapers etc, its beginning to show its benefit now. It's a daily sanctifying thing having 2 young children, and sometimes there are days that are quite trying, but there are so many joys watching 2 tiny ones grow.

Autumn's little personality is coming out. She's WAY more adventurous than Noah. If the door is open, she's the type that will toddle out and walk down the street no problem, where with Noah I knew he'd always just stay in the room that I'm in. But Noah is super safety conscious, so you'll often hear in our house him warning Autumn to be careful. So they balance each other out I think. I love her spunky adventurous side because she's way independent, so she'll go and do whatever her little heart has set on all by herself, so it's amusing to me to see what she'll get into. She'll often toddle and get a bottle all by herself to feed her babies, or wander off to find a certain book and bring it for me to read. With Noah I have to find a toy and start playing with it before he'll get interested.

Noah is a "big boy" now and no longer sleeps with a pacifier. It was a big day and we went to the toy store and traded it in for a "big boy" water gun. He handed the paci in to the lady at the till and everything. He has "big boy" conversations about the Bible, and often will grab a piece of paper and a pen and say he's writing a sermon. He saw a friend of ours kill a really big spider, which has since lead to lots of conversations about what its "ok to kill" and not ok. For example we got an ant trap, and he was so worried that we were killing the ants. So...we started teaching him the 10 commandments, and his favorite one is "love God with all your heart" and "don't kill people" but it gets confusing when you get to the story of David and Goliath, hmm. He's always always wanting kid praise music on, and pretty much knows the words to all the cd's and will sing along.

Autumn is transitioning to 1 nap, which is quite hard for me because during her morning nap Noah had an hour "room time" where he'd play by himself listening to music, and I would shower and start laundry, and make the bed, and whatever to start the day. And it came upon me quite suddenly cause Noah had two naps till he turned 2, but Autumn is only 13 months. Now that they both go down at 12 or 1, I'm struggling in the morning because they can't have room time together, Noah is still learning to play with her without hurting her and to be kind etc. So showering, and keeping my house respectably clean is a bit more of a struggle. I don't want to resort to a video every morning, and Autumn is too little for room time for that long, so....enter the question mark. :)

I've been reading a book on Christology that has been so awesome, there is a whole part where it takes all the promises about Jesus in the OT, and shows the fulfillment in the NT. There are SO MANY, and to see them side by side like that is just amazing. And he has a whole section showing all the verses and arguments that proves that Jesus is God. I've had some conversations with Jehovah's Witnesses who come to our door, and its always hard for me to remember all the verses that show Jesus as God. Noah's favorite story in his little Bible is where Jesus calms the storm, and he'll shout "BE STILL WIND!" and then I'll always ask him..."can you calm the wind?" and he'll say "noooooo" and I'll say "can you make the waves still?" and he'll say "nooooo" and then I'll say, "how come Jesus can do that?" and he'll say "cause Jesus is God!" and he'll say it with such enthusiasm, I love it.

And thats the end of my random ravings for now :)


Sara Mallon said...

oh I am dreading the 1 nap time! Are you transitioning Autumn earlier just because she seems ready earlier than Noah did? I'm hoping to keep Kali May on two for as long as possible... esp. with the second one coming! I might be emailing you a LOT to see how you did everything :) :)

thanks for your post it was fun to read - even without pictures. I love your photos, but I think I like your writing just as much!

pandy said...

so fun to read about your kids! nap transitions are always so hard! trevor dropped his naps a lot earlier than most kids, and ava dropped her morning one pretty early on too. you'll find a new schedule that works, and just when you get into a groove, it will change again! :)