Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Duck 'n Deck

I totally forgot to post these....on Noah's actual birthday I wanted to take him to the zoo, but since the Durban area doesn't have one, we found this place called the Duck n Deck which is actually really close to us. It's like a petting zoo with all the farm animals. Noah loved it, and made all the animal sounds when he saw the different animals.
What sound does a horse make Noah?

Really big birds! He loved these guys

His favorite I think were the goats cause they ate the food he gave them
Autumn loved going for a stroll

Me and my munchkin

Noah let out an appropriate "blah!"
He loved feeding the goats and said "baaaa"
Checking out the field of sheep and horses

Noah loves sliding down all by himself now
His face when he saw a bunch of bright red headed geese. Its funny when he sees them he pretends to be a goose and flaps his arms and kneels down like he's eating on the ground. :)
Noah loved these guys, and amazingly enough, they are the worlds highest flying birds. They fly OVER Mount Everest, how cool is that? I didn't even know God made creatures that could fly so high.
And we stopped to get a milkshake before going home. It was such a fun day with our kids, I love seeing the world through their eyes.

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Anonymous said...

I saw a documentary on tv that showed those birds actually flying over mount everest. very interesting. thanks for the very precious stories and pictures, love mom (usa).