Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bugs and Buzzes

What would create such a face on little Noah?
This praying mantis! He was on our patio window yesterday and I couldn't wait for Noah to wake up from his nap to see it. It was HUGE! I thought he'd like it....

But he kept looking at it very cautiously. By the end of the day every time he passed through the door (which is usually over a hundred times a day!) he'd exclaim "Hi Bug!"
Today he met a better friend though, which he named "Orange Buzz"

And when the Orange Buzz would fly next door he'd chase it

But the faithful little Orange Buzz kept on coming back home to our little vine. He kept wanting to chase it so he'd "shoo" it away but then cry when it flew. Such a funny boy. Then he'd call for it like you would a dog....."Orange Buuuuuuzz!?!"
Can you see it? :)

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Sara Mallon said...

Noah's getting soooo cute!! I can't wait to see him when you guys are here (HOPEFULLY) we will see you anyways! and I might have to take back my "rolling" statement... she did it three times that one day but hasn't since. ha... so maybe it was a fluke :)