Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thank heaven for little girls

Having a little girl in the house is so much fun! She's still quite calm and sticks pretty much to her routine. The only hectic times are her and Noah's bath/milk/bedtimes/dinnertime from 6-7 at night. But its so fun having two, and alot easier than I thought. Well, for now at least! :)
Making friends with her rabbit. I couldn't believe that she is almost the same size as this tiny stuffed animal!

Sleeping in her little bassinet

And awake time in her (Noah's) swing.

She has so much hair I can actually put a clip in it! :)

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Emily Ban said...

Look at all that hair! Lucky girl. I'm nervous about how it will be with a newborn and toddler.I imagine I will have no sleep (I'm sure you concur) and feel overwhelmed. I'm glad to hear that it hasn't been too difficult though. Funny that Noah wouldn't go near anything pink -- such a boy! :)