Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Close encounters

Noah with Autumn at one week old. He wasn't sure what to think of her at first, but he's warming up to her. At first he wouldn't even touch anything pink: (Staring from a distance at all this pink stuff, ick mom!)

A little bit of a closer look and a smile:

But now he gives her kisses and little hugs. I have to be quite careful cause he tends to show her the same type of affection that he shows our pets (he pokes our dog in the eye sometimes!) which is quite rough. I keep telling him to be gentle cause she's just a baby girl, but he doesn't quite get it yet, and I have to protect her from many a "pat" and squeeze that is just a bit to tight. My favorite thing he does is that he'll go to ANYTHING that is pink in a pile of laundry or a blanket or anything lying around and say "uh oh" and bring it to her like she dropped it or something. I can tell he loves her quite a lot cause he's quite reserved in his choice of who he shows affection to. :)

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