Tuesday, July 17, 2007


On Saturday the Africans showed the Americans some crazy African wildlife at Tala Game reserve. We saw every animal you could see, but my favorite is always the Giraffe (i finally saw one drinking out of the lake, so cool!) Clint babysat Noah so I could go with!
This giraffe was galloping along the path...there are two others on the right...can you see them? :)
So we finally find the Rhino's on the way out.....and a bride and groom get out of their car wearing wedding dress and tux and all to take photos with the rhino (which is CRAZY by the way). They had a game ranger with them, but I was suspicious, .....all the Americans were like...well that means we can get out of the car too! But all the Africans were like.........no way, you'll get impaled by the rhino!! They promptly got yelled at by the game ranger for getting out of the car. Hungry Hungry Hippos sunbathing

And some strange looking Homo-sapiens

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