Monday, July 23, 2007

Painting & Cricket

So after painting our church for two days straight (thanks looks awesome!) Liz had Cornerstone and the team over for a braai....where the Americans learned how to play cricket! The team
Wesleys learning how to pitch cricket (it is done with a straight arm and has to bounce first before hitting it...unlike baseball!)

Waiting to bat!

Clint putting on his "hard core" face while pitching the cricket ball :)
Michelle isn't scared of Clint!
Amanda's great hitAwesome fellowship over the braai....and some really really great steak! It was so awesome to see the unique bond of Christ and to see how the "universal" church so quickly bonds together. It doesn't matter if your South African or American...our God has captured his "bride"...the church....for himself, and that church is all over the world!

Fellowship with Kerry and Pati

The men smelling the awesome meat

Noah and I had fun while the team was teaching the Zulu kids last week (sorry no photos of Hope Valley!)


HaysHitzeroth said...

Okay, so I've been thinking that Noah looks like Clint but in that first picture of him he looks JUST like you! In any case, he is soooo cute and getting so big!

Kerry Drew said...

I love the cricket photo's.... so cool! what a fun day we had. love u

Andrew said...

With all the Americans having been in SA lately and all the SA-ers in SA now for visits I get my regular dosage of SA on blogs like this - thanks kim! Looks like y'all (a new word I learnt here ;) ) had a good and blessed time.