Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Noah's Friends

Getting to know Noah has been so fun lately. He has just started noticing his "friends" ...his toy lion, and caterpillar....and he cracks up laughing, or squeals in delight when he sees them. Yesterday I was taking a shower, and I just put Noah down with his lion next to him, and I could hear him laughing through my whole shower. When I got out he was staring at his lion, cracking up at it with these huge eyes and gynormous smile. Ironically the brand name on the tag of the lion is "Noah's Friends" (no joke!) He has also started "standing" if you hold him from falling to the right or left..... Its super cute. Every stage just gets better, I love it! I just realized today that I haven't paid for a single diaper yet, and I've still got a closet full. At 10 diapers a day....for 11 weeks, that's ALOT of God's provision for us!

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G. Lee said...

That is a beautiful picture of you & Noah!