Thursday, August 31, 2006


Meet our new kitty!
"October" or "Tobi"

So Clint and I drove down to Amamzimtoti (a beach town like 30 min away) to the animal rescue SPCA. It was the only SPCA that had kittens in all of Durban (usually there are a million!!) And there she was....a cute tortie shell kitten along with her 4 sisters who were either white or tabby (too normal for us!) so we chose her right away, but then realized her personality was kind of skittish!! We were a little uncertian she would like us, but decided to take her anyways thinking she might warm up to us in our house. Well, since she got home she hasn't stopped purring (literally!) and isn't satisfied unless she is in your lap. I think she is so happy to be in a home instead of a cold cage with loud dogs barking. We love her to bits.

We named her "October" cause ever since we got married in that month, Clint has always wanted a kitty named October or "10-4" (our date!!) but we usually just call her "Tobi" for short. She looks a bit like Autumn, my favorite season. She will never replace Starbucks, but she's slowly worming her way into our hearts. :)


Hayley Hays said...

Woohoo! She's adorable. I am so happy you guys got another little kitten. I know she'll never replace 'Niz,' just like you said. But its always good to have a little fuzzy purrer to help ease the pain of any loss or struggle. God is so good to give us little comforts like that.

I love you guys and am thinking of you!

Love, Hayley

HaysHitzeroth said...

Tobi is soooooo cute. I love how God uses animals to give comfort. They're always there for you. :) Tobi's adorable.