Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Church Building

Our Lord is soo good! Our church services right now are at max capacity. I think you could probably squeeze 10 more people in on a Sunday! So just as this problem appears, a new developer knocks on our door a couple of months ago and says he's got a piece of land for a new church building, and he really wants our land cause he can zone it to be commercial (which means he can build a big supermarket or whatever on our land, but he can't on his). So...the elders of our church have decided to look into this cause there is really no other land in Hillcrest, its all being developed so quickly...that this is our only opportunity to move to a new spot and still be called "Hillcrest Baptist". It's the perfect sitution cause this guy is also a builder. Which means that when he builds us the dream building, we move out of our old one, and into the new one right away. And because our land is more valuable than his, it will be a very cheap building. Our old building seats 150-200. If all goes well the new building will seat 350-400 and have a new kitchen and classrooms for our pre-school and everything!!! Its so exciting!

But that also means that we have to move too! Cause our house is on the church property, which means it will be demolished by the developer. We've been looking around for houses, but there is nothing in Hillcrest for less than 1 Million Rand. So....we are waiting for the property market to crash....hopefully!! A million rand is, well, super expensive (yikes!)

This is Niz investigating my guitar case. We are slowly introducing "new" songs to our church, this next week will be "Wonderful Merciful Savior."

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