Monday, October 10, 2005

Hawaii, Oahu October 4th (our anniversary!)

So we got these free tickets to Hawaii for our anniversary. One from Clint's massive frequent flyer miles (a 24 hour journey to South Africa almost every year will stack 'em up quick) and the other came from our World Points credit card (so the rumors are true, its not a scam, go out and get one!) We booked the flights seperate, but got to sit together.
This is from the day we drove around the island. You drive this windy road with lush green trees, and then suddenly there is this shockingly blue view.

This is the beach we swam at almost everyday, a 5 minute walk from our hotel, Waikiki.

This is the night we went out to Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was totally raining on us!

Awesome garden

This is from the beach where we were watching the sunset, behind us these hula dancers were singing. This is one of those "hold your arm out and shoot" photos. :)

Smiling sting ray in this HUGE aquarium that is inside a store! You climb in this tube and can see the sting rays from above.

Sunset on Waikiki

This is one of my favorite pictures cause it totally captures what we did everyday...just mif! (That's afrikaans for "mold" a term used whenever you just do NOTHING!)

This is the bay where we snorkled and saw TONS of fish. Hanauma Bay. We bought our own snorkles cause they were like 5 bucks, but to rent them is 6, go figure.

Chinaman's Hat island near the north shore.

Beach where we had lunch and snorkeled just off the side of the road. We saw sandcrabs too!

Awesome view from our car.

This was my "favorite tree" called a Monkey Pod. We sat under it and stared up at it talking for hours. One of my most memorable moments. Hmm, maybe I will plant one in my backyard!

This rainbow was actually brighter in person, but it followed us all the way home to Waikiki from the North Shore. You totally felt like you could find the pot of gold at the end. :)

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