Thursday, October 27, 2005

Driving Stick

It takes a great friend to teach you how to drive stick. Every time I stalled this weekend Marietjie cracked up laughing, and I found myself laughing instead of being baffled at my brains inability to tell my feet to move at the right speed. My only experience with stick was pulling out of a parking spot on a beach in Northern Ireland, and I think I stalled it like 8 times. In S.Africa EVERYONE drives stick AND its on the wrong side of the road, AND you do the stick with your left hand, so I thought, well, its better to learn it here where I’m not having to drive on the wrong side and go around those scary round about thingys. Here are some things I figured out:

1. The place we are moving to is called Hillcrest, and it’s not called that for nothing. I think I’ll need an extra padded back bumper.
2. Clutches are like relationships, timing is everything. If you pull off to quick, you’ll stall, and you have to start all over again.
3. I’m going to need to work out my left leg, or get a car with an easy clutch!


pati913 said...

wow. that's hard stuff. aimee tried to teach me how to drive stick - she said it's all about the "sweet spot." still can't drive stick today.

christine_xo said...

yea they drive on the right side of the road!! and use sticks!!
just like over here!! at least some others have sense lol..
hope all's well..
God Bless
christine xxx
(from sion)

Skitguru said...

It took me a month to learn stick. The key is practice. The sweet spot, haha, that's a good name for it.

HaysHitzeroth said...

Yeah....hard but fun once you learn it. You'll have it down perfectly in no time. My dad took me to a big hill and said, "Okay, drive." Not fun. Then my mom took me out and explained how the gears worked and what was happening when I was pushing down on the clutch and I got it in like a minute. haha.

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