Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Durban is hot and humid in Summer...like really humid. We've been housesitting for friends who have a pool so after school off we go to stay cool!
 And I've been teaching Autumn every day how to swim so we don't have to pay for swim lessons for her...she's now swimming across the whole pool taking breaths, yay!!!
 They play this fun game with Jude where they pop up and surprise him from under the water, he loves it

 And Noah just learned how to ride with no training wheels, so he rides almost every day, and Jude keeps up on his pushbike.
 And of course hours of swinging

 (Proud face with no training wheels!)
 Off he goes!
 He just needs help up big hills but he's totally riding!
Love these special times with my kiddies and I'm SO SO thankful I get to be at home with them!

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