Friday, January 25, 2013

Jude 15 months

So I used to do like monthly updates of each kid..and when you have 3 it just doesn't happen! So I'm going to stop, take a breath and blog about Jude at 15 months....just so I can capture the moment.

 Jude is SO SO different to my other two kiddies. He's ALWAYS ON THE GO. And he LOVES sports and balls and climbing and is just so so boy. The only time I can get a good shot of him is in the bath...which is where these shots are taken otherwise you click and he's half way out the frame!
He's got a fun personality...he loves to RUN and climb on top of Spurgeon our dog and ROLL with him, and he climbs up and down the Jungle Gym at our house with great ease. He loves all animals and I know when he's seen one on the road when we are driving cause he will light up and make all kinds of animal sounds. Right now he can say "Juice, dadda, momma, and "go" for dog, and he says a funny version of "one two, three" before he jumps into the pool. He gives really really great kisses, and hugs, and he LOVES to wave by to whoever is leaving, he will follow them blowing kisses and waving. His favorite thing is to see a butterfly flying, he goes crazy. He's more mischievous then my other two by nature so I always have to follow him to make sure he's not dumping something upside down or pulling something out of the cupboards.  We love our little guy!

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