Thursday, May 24, 2012

On the move

Jude is on the move! Army crawling is now his new passion in life. He often plays on our patio on a little blanket while my kiddies have a snack.
 And spots the pretty flowers, army's on over and gives me this look, like hey....I can go for it right? Is it ok?
 Then he does my favorite baby "hand move" where they just open and close, open and close to feel it, like they've never felt anything like it before (because, well you know they haven't!)
 Then I have to catch him before my pretty flowers end up in his mouth, silly guy.
I often just stare at him while I'm drinking my cup of coffee and think "eeeeeek! He's mine!" like I can't actually believe the Lord would give me such a special gift. He has a sweet little relationship going with Noah and Auts too, their goal is to make him laugh and he usually caves in :)

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Heather said...

He looks like the sweetest little guy!