Sunday, May 20, 2012

Noah's Superhero Birthday (5!)

For Noah's 5th Birthday he wanted a Superhero party! Often he and Auts will play pretend superheros, with no costumes or anything, they will just "fly" around pretending they can do super things. So...with a few views on pinterest for most of my super kids! (This is my favorite pic, can you see Noah and Aut's faces? Classic!)
 The backdrop is just two pieces of fabric sown together, the black one cut like a skyline, the lights are just cut paper! :) And the colored buildings are like wrapped presents in the front. So easy! (But just time consuming!
 SuperJude! He actually kept on the mask for quite a while before trying to eat it.
 The Super Cake

 And Super Snacks!

 Noah's friends had fun "tearing down" the buildings and flying over them
 And using the photobooth props!
 Noah's cousins and Aunty and Grandpa came down! Little Superman Ryan and Spiderman Dyllan

 We played this fun game where we balled up newspaper and they were divided in two teams and pretended the newspaper were bombs and had to get it to the other side. Noahs team won!
 Then we played dodgeball, Noah's favorite!
 My sweet superfamily
 I found sparklers for the cake, I just LOVE sparklers!
 Fun cousin pic!
At 5 Noah is suddenly a "big boy" he's really grown up! 5 seems to be quite the transition stage where things are suddenly too "baby" for him. He gallantly carries a sword with him wherever he goes. It's so cute cause we named him Noah Knightley 5 years ago so it's cute to see him loving all things to do with Knights. He even got a Knight costume for his birthday! He loves Robin Hood and bows and arrows. He is constantly inquisitive, and will ask a series of questions till he finds out all the info he can. He takes good care of his little brother, and has a warm affection for him. He often asks deep things about the Lord so much so that I often have to think for a long time before answering. I love our first baby who is now all grown up!

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Amanda said...

What a fun party! They are all so cute! I am always excited when you blog. ;) Miss you!