Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wisdom is vindicated by her children

Clint just preached on this verse at Cornerstone, and its one of our favorite verses that we use all the time in our house. Usually we use it totally out of context in jest, but we say it when something is proven with time. And this week, its doubly ironic because it regards my wisdom teeth. I needed them taken out quite a while ago, and I kept putting it off (dentists are scary ok?) until I finally made an appointment to get em out JUST before our trip to America, and the Dr. didn't show up. So I thought....well it won't hurt to wait a little longer right, how bad can it be?!? I'll get back from the States, and then have em out! Well, I found out I was pregnant in the states, and now my wisdom teeth are killing me. All the books in the world on pregnancy say to take care of your teeth problems before you get pregnant, cause there isn't much you can do about it once you are. Well, turns out those books are quite wise, cause I went to the dentist this week (shudder) and he says I can't really do anything about my wisdom teeth till the baby is born. I can't be put under, I can't have local, and most of all, I can't have any pain medication now, or even if I did get them out, I couldn't have any pain meds then either. Yikes. So for all of you who warned I should get them taken out a long time ago....wisdom has been vindicated by her children. Clint reckons if I need a C-section I should just have the baby, my tonsils, my wisdom teeth, and my appendix taken out all at the same time to avoid this in the future. :)


The Mom said...

he he he, tell Clint it sounds like a good idea...but all that "post-pain" mixed together would be enough for most people to cry out for the Lord to take them home :o) If you have to have a C-section that's enough pain to deal with at one time :o)

I'm sorry you have to deal with extra difficulties during your pregnancy...I'll be praying for you!

Alicia said...

lol. i LOVE clint's philosophy. though, it is rather revealing-- he's never recovered from a c-section!

Heather said...

SO sorry you have to deal with that pain and discomfort while you finish your pregnancy :(