Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spurgeon Rodeo

Our doggie has returned! He was never lost, but we lent him to Liz and Lyle for a few months so that our new grass could finally actually grow in. It was perfect timing cause now Noah can play with him without Spurgeon knocking him over every few seconds while he learned to walk. Noah was so excited that Spurgeon had returned, that the day he came back before we knew it he had toddled outside to play in the wet grass right after his bath with his PJ's on! So Clint decided to make it a Spurgeon Rodeo night since Noah was already filthy.
Noah thought riding Spurgeon was hilarious, and kept asking for "more!"
Noah has been playing fetch with Spurg pretty much all day the last week. Here he is practicing his new kicking skill....while holding on to his beloved blankie...quite the feat.
One member of the family was NOT too impressed with Spurgeon's reappearance. I love the look on her face, its like "REALLY?"
Liz won't miss our doggie to much cause she is due the exact same day as me! A comparing tummies photo :) They are moving to Australia in a few weeks.

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