Sunday, June 08, 2008

Life at home

I keep forgetting to post these, but we recently added a stoney pathway to the front of our house, I love it! Beforehand it was just a muddy patch, ick. There is still quite alot of construction going on around us on all the other houses and in our house, but slowly we are getting there.

Compromise. Noah's not allowed in the kitchen (for one thing he goes straight to touch anything that's a "no" so its just easier if the kitchen as a whole is a "no!") BUT he loves to touch the fridge for some reason. So he found the perfect solution: feet are out, but I can still touch it! :)
Its pretty hard to get chores done around the house with a crawler. But washing windows is one that is pretty easy cause he LOVES to watch the swish of the cloth against the window and all the fun spray stuff drip down on the windows.
Except the inside of my windows are usually dirter after I'm all done cause he smushes his face and hands everywhere, but its still fun to see his expressions!

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Emily Ban said...

I love what you've done with the place! I need you guys to come to my house & help us -- I'm a disaster when it comes to design/decorating.