Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Spurgeon our dog has a passionate love for his ball, and I now understand why they call them "Labrador retrievers." All he wants, day and night, is to play fetch. If his ball is missing, he goes insane. He's actually figured out some clever ways to get us to play fetch with him even when we are tired of playing...

If a window is open he will drop the ball through the window to force us to throw it so he can fetch it.

Then he will proceed to stick his head entirely through the window and whine for his ball. I still cry from laughing whenever he does this.

He's even convinced Noah that he needs his ball desperately. He's taught Noah how to play fetch with him. First...he drops the ball over the fence for Noah to see....

Then Noah picks up the ball (Spurgeon's eye watching the whole time to make sure it doesn't go missing)

Noah successfully retrieves the ball for the "dog-g" as Noah calls him (yup, his third word is "dog!")
Then Noah tosses the ball under the fence for Spurgeon to retrieve.
This "fetch" game of Spurgeon and Noah playing volleyball over our fence can happen for about an hour. :) I usually let Noah play fetch right before his evening bath....cause it gets kinda slobbery and gross. But they both LOVE it.
I love our dog.

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Melissa said...

that's so great! that noah has a play pal in spurgeon! i cant wait to see noah in person; heather and i were talking how excited we are for that! he's such a cutie!