Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The most amazing cake ever. No really

On Sunday Morning the day before Noah's birthday a lady in our church presented Noah with her present...the most amazing cake ever. It is simply stunning. I've never seen a cake like this! The onesie (SA term babygrow) has snaps that actually are silver. And its all made of yummy frosting to eat! Can you believe it?

I love how the bears pop out of the letters, so cute!

The detail is amazing

When can I eat my first birthday cake mom?


Melissa said...

sooooooo cute! i just love that cake. what a great gift!

Abby & Andrew said...

Happy Birthday Noah!!! We know you have given your Mommy and Daddy a wonderful year full of blessings and happiness. Wishing you many many more! We love you...Abby, Andrew and Sophia

Heather said...

I love Noah's smile in that last picture. It makes me chuckle. Such a little man. The cake is AMAZING! wow. What a great gift!

G. Lee said...

That IS one of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen!