Friday, February 15, 2008

A severe case of the giggles

Usually every day there is something "ordinary" that makes Noah crack up uncontrollably, and then he gets a case of the giggles, and he can't stop laughing. Today it was standing holding on to our headrest on our bed. He laughed and squealed and giggled for about a half an hour!

Yesterday it was giving him his pain medicine. The squirt sound in his mouth was too much for him, and he got the giggles dispite his toothy pain! He's gonna be a jack-o-lantern because instead of his front two teeth coming in, the one on the side is coming in first! Yesterday was a sad day for him cause his injections gave him a mild case of the mumps (his face was all swollen, poor thing!) His nickname everytime he cried yesterday was "toothy mumpy boy!"

And he said his second word for sure! He's been saying "dada" for quite a while, but we weren't sure if he knew what it meant....but yesterday he cried out "daddy" and reached for was so sweet!

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Emily Ban said...

Awwwwww! I can't wait until Sammy says dada and mama and actually says it with purpose. The red is definitely a bold choice to make and could be hit or miss depending on how you decorate the kitchen. But from what I know of Kim and have seen of your decorating...I think it's going to be fabulous!! It's exciting to see your house come together.Travis and I want to build our own house someday so when that time arrives I'm sure I'll be emailing you for advice. :)