Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Young Adults

One of my favorite parts of ministry at the moment is being involved with our young adults. We were so sad to leave SCV bible study in the states, and the Lord was more than gracious in providing a young adults ministry here to be involved in! It's so fun having them in our home every week, which is perfect for me being a mom because I can still be involved cause Noah goes to sleep just as people are arriving. Lately Clint has been teaching through the different cults. Every cult we've been going through salvation is up to keeping good works. Its been awesome to see how sure our salvation is....that salvation is by Christ's work, not ours! It makes me more and more thankful for His grace.

Here are some photos from a braai we had for Anita's birthday this last weekend. Anita joined the Cornerstone group just a few months ago.

Happy Birthday Anita!Some of the gals, and a "Noah kiss!" (he thinks kisses are a big open mouth!)

"walking" with daddy

Awesome sunset

Being silly with Kerry. Kerry babysat for me so I could play guitar this Sunday, thanks Kerry! You're a star! I forgot how much I missed playing!!

Noah loved playing with the soccer ball. I think he might be a little young for the 2010 world cup hosted here in SA!!

My two favorite men

The newlyweds Liz & Lyle :)

Some of the girls, and Dylan

And I just had to add this last photo cause it shows Noah's "affectionate" side. He shows affection by open mouth kisses and by grabbing my face (I've been teaching him the word "gently!") I love being a mommy!

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Emily Ban said...

Awwwww...that last picture is priceless!I think Noah is going to skip all that crawling nonesense and just get up and walk.