Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hope Valley

The Monday after Easter in SA is a public holiday...and after a crazy week we went away to Hope Valley to stay in a little cabin for a night. It was a very spontaneous thing.....but we called and their little "Bonga Bonga" cabin was open. Its totally rustic, no electricity or anything! But when they got there they said the rain had destroyed the road to the cabin, so for the price of the "rustic" cabin, we got one with electricity and a kitchen! :) I was kinda sad though cause we had prepared to ruff it for the night! But we still enjoyed cooking over open flame....yummy steak!

We took Geneva and Spurgeon with us. They had the time of their lives roaming around this HUGE farm with sugar cane and wild lavendar to sniff and chase bugs in. I don't think I've ever seen two doggies more happy then them! We laughed so much just watching their little tails and noses go wild at all the valleys and crevices to explore. Geneva is curious as to why we are stopping when there is so much to explore?
We were amazed at how beautiful it was. This little corner of the world really is gorgeous! I love Durban!

They say walking alot helps to bring labor on quickly. With 3 1/2 weeks to go....it wasn't that quick I guess! Nuts! But the walks were beautiful! There were amazing purple lilly-pads in this lake!


HaysHitzeroth said...

That looks so beautiful and fun! How nice that you guys got to get away before the baby comes. I can't believe you've only got 3 1/2 weeks. It could be any time now :)

cynthia said...

you really are dazzlingly beautiful as a pregnant lady!!! i'm sure you'll be just as dazzling a new mom!