Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bronwyn's wedding

Clint's sister Bronwyn got married a few weekends ago! She looked so beautiful. I had the honour of taking some shots at the wedding....and have been editing them all week...so here are a few!

Bronwyn and her new husband Etienne

Clint with his brother Donovan & sister Brownwyn

I love this long African grass in the background, the sunset makes it so pretty!

Clint performing the ceremony


Beth Mack said...

There are 2 in around Jo-berg and one in Pretoria. The one is really close to the Hagen-Daas store :). Great combination don't you think? I think the closest one to you is in Ballito.

Anonymous said...

hey archers! my name is ben and i am currently the co-leader of Grace On Campus' (UCLA) care team. we were wondering if we might "adopt" you as our missionaries since we have a bunch of bruins going to visit you this summer. if you wish, please email us a list of things that you wish to receive from america (we MIGHT have a decent budget so dream BIG). it can be anything from candy to electronics. we'll send the stuff with our STMers thi summer. please email me at bendu@ucla.edu and godspeed with the new kid on the way!

- ben

Anonymous said...

also, please email me a list of prayer requests that we might publish on prayer bookmarks to distribute to our ministry so that we may pray for you.