Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Only 6 weeks to go, crazyness!
So we've been going to pre-natal classes every Wednesday night. They are supposed to make you more confident about going into labor. Hmm. So they think..."I know, lets show them a video of a live birth, and a live c-section!!! That will make them LESS scared of giving birth!" Yikes. I wasn't scared before, but I am now!

So this is what I've learned in 4 weeks of prenatal class.

1. Labor is painful
2. If people tell you "its not that painful" their lying
3. If there are complications, its even more painful
4. Here are some exercises to help with the pain, although they don't actually work
(they had us sit with a big block of ice in our hand and try and make the pain go away by breathing. I don't get the breathing thing. How can you breath away pain?)
5. But after the baby is born you forget the pain
What they didn't tell us was the reason why its painful, but that is found in Genesis 1. God cursed women with pain in labor (a massively intensive time of pain) and men with work labor (pain over many years of work). So I think I just need to remember that sin is what causes pain, and that God is in control, and this is what He has for me, and all women! So its His will that labor is painful. I'm just praying that somehow it makes me more like Christ!

Photos from my family shower in the states. In South Africa they are called "Stork Parties" so this cake is particuarily appropriate :)
The whole family! (Parents, Aunts, Uncles & Cousins :)


HaysHitzeroth said...

I can't believe it's getting so close!!! I agree, the more I find out about labor the scarier it gets. :) But we'll forget after, right?

Ben and Melissa James said...

It's really NOT THAT BAD!!! And I promise you WILL forget the pain. Just has to end sometime right? Plus the pain is nothing compared to the weeks of exhaustion afterwards. :) But in all seriousness, my labor was relatively easy (recovery was another story). I can't wait to see pics of baby Archer!

Sara Mallon said...

ok... so this baby stuff is cool and I'm really excited for you...but you just have to pause a moment.. you can't post an awesome picture like that and not tell us where you took it! that's the coolest picture ever!!!

hehe... ok. I'm done. :)

Hayley Hays said...

I'll be praying for you in the weeks leading up to labor...and Heather too for that matter.

I agree with Sara, quite an awesome shot of you two..I mean, three. :) South Africa is beautiful! I think I might need to visit. :)

Emily Swearinger (now "Ban") said...

Hey Archers! I'm having a boy as well -- due this July -- Samuel Allen Ban!I'm excited for you guys!

hershpinkmeow said...

you look lovely, kim! and you know what... the shot DOES help A LOT!!! :) and the baby was fine. :) she's so fine she can talk a hind leg off a mule, a la anne shirley. :) the second time around, i really didn't feel a thing (c-section) and my recovery was awesome. everyone has a different story to tell, and praise the Lord, He's got it all planned from before the beginning of time, and He is faithful to bring us through it. so excited for you!

Anna Lois said...

Consider the alternative to giving birth -- no children! You are so blessed, and I am glad you will not be likely to face your older years alone. (-: