Tuesday, March 06, 2007

9 weeks to go!

9 weeks to go!

We have been busy this week painting the nursery! (You can see the ugly color it was before on the left wall....apricot peach!) but now its blue and white. Clint and his dad are holding up the boat boarder....its super cute! We have a crib and a changing table now...and the room is almost done! I'll upload more photos when its all together

Here are some 3d photos from my last scan. He stuck out his tongue at us! and the doctor said he was doing "breathing exercises" getting ready for the real world. Its so amazing. I now see my tummy moving all the time.

Yesterday we went to the mall and they have a parking section for "expecting moms only...car will be towed if you are not an expectant mom". Its right outside a "Baby City." So we decide to finally take advantage of this "handicapped" type parking cause its a super busy day and there's no other parking and its like 100 degrees...no sooner are we parked and a security guard comes out of nowhere to yell at us...then looks down at my tummy...and is like "OH!! I'm so sorry! I didn't know you were expecting!" Then I walk in the shop while Clint is locking up the car, and a random guy just walks by and starts shaking his head very dissapointed at Clint taking a spot from a poor pregnant person, he quickly yelled 'Kim wait up, I'm coming' but the guy never saw me... :)


John & Daisy said...

Those pictures are so amazing Kim! His face is filled out and looks so healthy. Praise the Lord for giving us such strong & healthy babies! We are so blessed. We are actually waiting to hear back from a church in Nevada this week about John being the Student Ministries pastor there. I'll let you know but please pray for us as you think of us! It was so great to see you at Resolved. Love you.

HaysHitzeroth said...

So cute! he is going to be adorable. I love your nursery and can't wait to see more pictures. Are you getting excited to deliver the baby :)?