Monday, February 26, 2007


One of the coolest parts about going back to LA was attending our old Bible Study SCV. It was awesome to worship together again, and meet all the new SCV'ers!

Our SCV retreat at Shaver Lake. The day after everyone went snowboarding it dumped snow! I didn't get to go boarding cause of baby on board, but the view was still fantastic.

Clint and Secor catching snowflakes
Us in falling snow!
Naomi...she's gotten so big! :)

The last weekend that Sara was a Borntrager, now a Mallon!
The girls threw me the most amazing was so overwhelming that I could be with everyone from SCV and my old roomates for my shower, it was such a blessing and a gift from the Lord! Blue and brown was the theme, so cute!

Michelle and Jill....two of the girls that came on the missions trip last year to see us in Durbs!

Roomies and friends from UCLA, sooo cool that they could come. Sheryl got me a little UCLA outfit for baby Archer :)

Me and my mom :)

Austin & Merilly
Baby Archer!

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