Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Archers in LA

I haven't updated in a while cause we are in LA, and usually we keep in contact with peeps in LA over internet, but now we are we aren't online as much. :) Our time has been so amazing so far, and we are sad that its half done! (nuts!) But the coolest part has just been spending time with people we haven't seen in over a year. The Lord blessed us so richly with such deep freindships in LA, and its been so encouraging for both of us to spend hours talking to everyone, and being able to sleep in after chatting till 1 or 2 in the morning! I can't upload my photos yet, but here are a few that were emailed to me (thanks Eric!)

Clints smooth moves on the slopes:

Our awesome bible study retreat, it snowed awesome HUGE snowflakes that morning:

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Julie said...

Hi Kim!
Congrats on a baby boy! You will love blue! :)

Praise God for all He is doing in SA and your ministry! So refreshing to read about! We continue to pray for you and I still pray for you every time I pass the street called "Karcher." :) It's on my way to almost everything, so you are prayed for a lot.

We will be in LA in two weeks, but I bet I'll miss you! Todd is going to shepherd's conference and Annie and I are coming to just hang out with people. If you'll be at the conference, let me know. I'll be at church on Wednesday morning, the first day of the conference. After that I'm going down to OC.

Just wanted to say howdy! Much love to you!!