Monday, January 08, 2007

Latest photos of baby Archer! We confirmed this week that it is definately a boy! The 4d scan is amazing. I went in a bit to "early" for the 4d scan, so the photos aren't the best they could be, but they are still awesome. We got to chat to the ultrasound lady, who said she thinks the abortion rate/laws will drop significantly because of how awesome the scans are. Just look at that face, and in many countries you can still get an abortion at this far along. I start crying just thinking about it! Clint can now feel the baby kick super strong, and for Christmas we got a stroller & car seat from Clint's parents who run a 'Baby Buzniz' so we keep saying we can't wait to stroll him around!


cynthia said...

Great pictures! That's actually your child! It looks like a kindergarten school photo! Well, not quite, but that is so clear! Cute nosie! :)

HaysHitzeroth said...

That is awesome! Isn't technology cool!? Can't wait to see you in LA :)

Amanda Taylor said... cute! I can't wait to see you both soon!