Monday, December 18, 2006

O Christmas Tree

This Saturday I went looking for a real Christmas tree. I stopped off at the local "Home Depot" kinda store, no Christmas trees. I stopped by a tree nursery. No Christmas trees! I went home feeling rather dejected and un-merry. You'd think people would just want to make money off the season would sell trees??!?! But no lot was to be found.

So at I start asking around church on Sunday where you get trees? The first lady I asked (also named Kim) said that her husband was given 3 trees from a local department store that was no longer decorating for Christmas cause "not everyone celebrates Christmas." It came with lights and bulbs and pinecones and everything! So we got this absolutely amazing tree for Christmas! So cool. It's not real, but its the closest to real I've seen.
And one of the coolest Christmas presents we got was that because we are not taking time off for Christmas, we can "apply" that for our trip to the States! So we will be there for a week longer than we thought. So cool!

My dad was a trooper to try and send my Christmas cards from overseas with all the addresses and stamps etc! This was the "family photo" we took this year with all SIX of us!!

This was one of the unsuccessful ones :) Getting Geneva and Spurgeon to sit still when their favorite cat was around was absolutely hillarious

I've been listening to the Indelible Grace Christmas CD called "Your King has Come" and have just been struck by how Israel was waiting and waiting and looking for a Messiah, and how in awe and joyful those must have been who realized that this baby was the King that was prophesized about. "O come O come Immanuel" speaks of the rejoicing, and it just struck me that now that we live on THIS side of the incarnation, we don't often think about the sheer joy of the moment of Christ's birth, and what it meant to Israel.

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jenn said...

great pics - i especially like the close up of the tree/ornament and the one of you laughing - made me smile. =) merry christmas! miss you guys!