Friday, December 22, 2006

Dog Dodge

The Archer's new sport on Sunday morning:

Dog Dodge

The object: With your best suit, or dress on, avoid all muddy doggie tails and noses and feet on a 1-2 minute walk to church, in the rain.

Tactic: To fake what door you open (front or back) and then find the opposite escape route quickly.

Your only weapon: an umbrella. They are scared spitless of it.
These photos aren't even that bad. Last week they broke into the property next door where they are building, (a muddy doggie paradise!) but the mud was RED! So we knew exactly what they were up to when they came back looking more like Irish Terriers.


HaysHitzeroth said...

That's SO funny. and btw, you have the cutest dogs :) Merry Christmas!

Ben and Melissa James said...

HAHA! That's almost like when you have a baby and you're trying to get to church without some sort of regurgitated bodily fluid all over you.

Anna Lois said...

Hey there, Clint and Kim! Great blog! I just found it today. I hope to come back to it from time to time to see how you are doing. Great news about the baby.