Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Sorry for the lack of updates, we have been starved of internet access, so i am writing from an internet cafe at the largest shopping mall in the southern hemisphere.

Christmas was lonely without all of you guys, but people in the church took care of us and invited us for Christmas dinner. We even had a christmas tree that our kitten climbed about every half an hour. Oh yeah, we have a kitten that we called Starbucks cause it looks like a latte. Black with tan spots. I will upload photos as soon as I can. We also moved into our new home. Its so fun to have someone greet us when we come home. :) THe Lord has blessed us by providing all the essencials (bed, fridge etc) so we've been slowly getting settled.

If you think of us please pray as our stuff that we shipped from LA has gone missing. The ports dont know what boat its on, or where it is, so please pray that the people in charge of finding it do so quickly so we don't have to pay massive storage fees.

Also be praying for a couple that we are doing premarital with, that the Lord would use us in their life and that the Lord would give us wisdom as we counsel them.

Clint is loving being a pastor, there have already been alot of fun opportunities in the church (a birth, and a funeral, and a upcoming wedding) and conseling pple who want to go into ministry, so Praise HIM!!

WE LOVE YOU GUYS. Sorry its been so long without an update, but we will send a more detailed one soon once we have internet (within the next month)

Please email us and let us know how your doing

Kim & Clint

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