Wednesday, December 07, 2005


A typical day for us in Hillcrest at the moment begins with a mile walk to the bank to try and open a bank account, since we don’t have a car yet. You’d think one walk would suffice, but there is always some reason that we need to come back, and after about a week, I think we are walking there again today! But we should be getting a car by the end of the week. I think I'll miss our daily walk....
On our walk back from the bank yesterday we pass by an area of really beautiful homes and gardens. So we ask the guard if we can walk around for fun to see them. He is unconvinced, especially since we are on foot, and calls one of the houses that is for sale and asks them if we can take a look at their house. This isn’t what we intended, but we went anyway, and meet this couple in their fifties who informs us that their house is on sale for 2.5 million rand. Yikes. They recognize our accents and ask us if we are vacationing, and Clint says he is the new pastor of Hillcrest Baptist, and they exclaim “oh, were Baptists, come and have lunch with us!” So we end up out on their patio, having an amazing lunch with these complete strangers, and the gentleman shows us this sound proof room where he reads his bible for 4 hours a day. He’s trying to finish the bible in one month, and is creating his own reading plan so that each day is around 4 hours. Amazing. I was sitting there completely dumfounded at how serendipitous this moment was, and the Lord’s sovereignty in having us meet this couple. Our accents (yeah, Clint’s too) have been an amazing tool for the gospel. Whenever you meet anyone they ask you if your American, and why you are here. It’s an instant doorway into conversations about the Lord. He is soo good.
Last night we played the RESOLVED dvd with MacArthur for our host family. They had never seen MacArthur, just heard him on the radio, and didn’t know how old he was, or even what he looked like. So we are listening to MacArthur preach on the conscience, you know the “shut up Gringo” sermon, and Veon turns and says “you sat under this guy your whole life? Amazing” So to all of you out there seeing MacArthur weekly preach, know that the people out here get excited about even getting a tape of his, much less a dvd, much less sitting weekly underneath his weekly preaching. So when you’re contemplating if you really need to go to evening service, think of all the people who can’t. J I was convicted again listening to that sermon about J.Edwards and how he knew his heart would be quick to be lazy regarding the spiritual disciplines, so he informed his conscience every week with his resolutions towards godliness. Days have been crazy here, and I need to get back into a regular routine of prayer and daily reading scripture. Its been here and there this week.


Emily Swearinger said...

WOW, four hours a day! Gosh, that makes me feel so lazy in comparison! And, you are absolutely right. I am so lucky to be able to go to his church and I have such a hard time going to evening service (uhhhhh, which means I rarely go to evening service). Wow, I read your blog and I feel so convicted! : )Anyways, I miss you guys and love reading about your crazy adventures in South Africa!

Sara said...

Hey Kim and Clint shtees.

I LOVE hearing about everything that is going on. Clint I am praying for you... and I don't think I have any good advice on the playground (its kind of subjective I guess).... thinking as any good SAfrican, is it an indigenous garden that they want to make into a playground???? :P

I am SOOO glad that God provided the opportunity for you guys to meet that super-Bible-Reader-dude and his wife (do they call people "dudes" there since it's a beach town? :P). I will be praying that you guys make lots of friends like that to encourage you.

Yah, that is VERY convicting. I totally take my church for granted, and I DEFINITELY am not devoted to scripture like that.

I've been reading all about Judaism (for my class :)).... I am so thankful that God would open my eyes to the truth of the Jesus Christ. It is scary reading books from the perspective of unsaved people who THINK they are going to heaven because of their works. makes me so sad for them, and all the more passionate for everyone to hear the true gospel. so PREACH IT over there... and make sure I do also (just not from a pulpit) :)


Emily Taylor said...

Hey you two,

That is such a cool thing that you randomly met that couple. God is so good to encourage us in ways we never even expect. I am so glad you have this blog so I can find out what is going on with you. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for Grace and John, I need reminding far too often. I miss you both and I'm praying for you.

Love ya, Emily