Thursday, November 21, 2013


We went on a little 2 day vacation as a family up in the mountains, such an awesome little get away with just our family. I love Kindergarten cause you can just pull them out a few days and the teacher doesn't mind!

 When did my girl get so big?
 Jude in daddy's baseball hat, I just want to eat him most of the time!

Jude had his 2nd birthday on Sept 29th, we did a small cake time at home but he really got into it.....and totally understood that it was his party!

 Family shot on his birthday
Grandpa from Pretoria came down for his party!
 He loves airplanes so I made a little airplane theme for him, he's always saying "NNNNEEEOW" for the sound they make

 The best part was because it was just us he wanted to blow out the candle like 30 times, and of course we obliged! :)
 Jude got a bubble maker for his birthday, I think Autumn loves it more than he does!
 Noah's going to Grade 1 next year (First Grade) and has to wear a uniform, they came in the mail last week, it's so cute! I got teary when he tried it on!
 After school if it's sunny he usually rides his bike around our complex
 And the others join in ....
 It's a sweet time where they all enjoy the same thing!
 Halloween this year was pouring rain but we still went to the little houses in our complex and got candy
 Noah's pumpkin, he was pretty proud of it!
 And we are having another GIRL!!! In April, we are so so excited, Autumn has been praying for about a year for a girl, and she's just so amazed the Lord has answered her prayer!
 I take Autumn and Jude every week to a little music class, and one of the moms brought a little lamb that Autumn got to hold (5 days old) she loved it so much!
 Noah had a Karate competition where he won a gold medal :)
 And their favorite part of our little vacation, hands down, was letting them pick their own ice cream (this was Jude's first time)
 And Noah and Jude doing "swordfights" with sticks and baseball bats, they are getting pretty good :)
 Me and my little guy
 And Noah with a tooth missing after swimming.
Anyways just a brief catchup of the last month or so, these days fly by, sometimes each day is quite long and I think "how am I going to get through this day with these 3?" and then I realize it's just Grace Grace Grace, He pours on us every day! 


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