Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lambardi Ranch

So ever since I had kids I always wanted to take them to a pumpkin farm like Lambardi Ranch. And since we are in America in Fall I thought....perfect, I get to take them! I pictured tractor rides and face painting and petting zoo and lots of fun for the kids!

Well it turns out that Lombardi Ranch shuts down the day after Halloween, oops! So no pony rides or face painting or petting zoo or corn maze or fun food. And it looks like this: But the kids had fun and didn't really know the difference.

But the disgusting smelly pumpkins kept looming as we walked
But Clint and I coudn't stop laughing cause it reminded us of the joke from "Deep Thoughts" where a guy tells his nephew he's going to take him to Disneyland, but instead for a joke takes him to a burnt down wherehouse and the kid cries and cries, and it gets pretty late so he never actually takes him to Disneyland. For example here's Autumn saying "Baaa baaaaa" to a farm with NO animals.

And we told them we could pick out fun pumpkins and this is what we saw rotting in the sun....

But the kids had a super fun time cause they didn't really know what they were missing. They pretended to be "dirt in the bulldozer"

And they found the two pumpkins left that weren't rotting in the sun.

And Noah and Autumn had tons of fun making faces in the Giant Pumpkin

Noah's absolute favorite was driving the ancient firetruck

Autumn got into it too

There were some bigger pumpkins for sale at the actual farmers market part of the farm. Noah said...look HERE's all the pumpkins we were looking for momma"

And Autumn got confused and thought a pumpkin was for throwing like a ball, silly girl.

So even though Lambardi Ranch gave us smashed smelly pumpkins, we made pumpkin pie and still had a blast.

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