Monday, February 22, 2010

Polka Dot Birthday

Autumn's birthday was polka dot theme, cause I love love polka dots on girls, and its just so "her" since she has lots of polka dot clothes! It was SUCH SUCH a fun day celebrating her little life, and I think she had fun too!
Eating her first cake
Family shot!

The decorations were so fun to make! And I actually made a cake for the first time ever. My friend Helga does cookies and cakes professionally and she taught me how to do it. Its given me ideas of doing cakes professionally someday....maybe. (Its so so much work!) I wanted a polka dot cake, and it worked great!

Autumn having fun on her day!
More family shots...singing "happy birthday" and me helping Autumn with the "pin the dot on the ladybug" game.

All the children at the party...lots of them (and the adults) wore polka dots!
Family and friends that came!
If you want to see all the photos here's the web album. Just click!


Paul B. Yoon said...

Adorable! Kim, my mom and I have been decorating the nursery -I never thought I'd welcome so much pink! It's funny how a baby girl changes things. : )


Heather said...

That cake is amazing!

Deidre Johnson said...

I think we have the same decorating taste- it was the cutest party! You definitely put a lot of work into all the details! She's beautiful. Happy Birthday Autumn!

Steve and Jenn said...

Happy Birthday, Autumn! Kim - you did such an amaaazing job on the party. I love all the details. Makes me want a polka dot party of my own!

Amanda said...

Wow...those pictures should be featured in a magazine article or something for super cute birthdays! I love it!