Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good Morning Tobi!

Tobi playing with her favorite toy: Spurgeon's tail.

Typical day in the Archer household from 6:00am-7:00am. Its not as impressive as an hour in the life of Jack Bower, but I realized this morning the humour in it. Tobi is on what Clint and I nicknamed..... ODF "Owner Directed Feeding" because she had a weight problem for a while. :) So now her feed times are 7am and 7pm. But an hour before her feed time she tries any lengths possible to get you to feed her early.....especially in the morning.

6:00am - Tobi starts purring loudly to wake us up
6:10 - Tobi crawls towards Clints face...reaches though the covers and pillows and bats it with a big "whap"
6:15 - Tobi bats Clints face again, Tobi gets shoved off bed by Clint
6:16 - Tobi finds anything that can be batted around our room....and bats it with great fierceness and noise in her 3rd attempt to get us out of bed.
6:18 Tobi bats Clints face again...this time with claws
6:30 - Tobi climbs on my bedside table, and with one fowl swoop knocks off my lamp, my Bible, my Nalgene, and my photo frame with a great "clerclap plunk plunk"
6:32 - Tobi rolls around my Nalgene...good thing its indestructible...and runs it into anything that makes noise
6:40 Tobi knocks the key to our door off my nightstand (clever girl!)
6:42- In her last attempt she starts chasing her tail...over our feet, our legs, and even our heads.
6:45 Noah wakes up
6:46 I scrounge around looking for the key....sleepwalk toward our door (Tobi is going ballistic at this point) feed Tobi.
7:00am Feed Noah....Tobi purrs on my lap in full contentment while I'm feeding Noah.
You'd think it'd be easier to just feed Tobi at 6am....but we do this every morning.


HaysHitzeroth said...

Cats are so funny! That made me laugh so hard.

Adrienne said...

but if you fed him at 6, he would do this at 5!!!!!