Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Comrades is known as the worlds "Ultimate Marathon" at 90 kilometers, almost the entire marathon being on a hill....run from Pietermaritzburg to Durban (the downrun...which was this year) or from PMB to Durbs (the uprun....crazy crazy hills!) which was last year. Its run RIGHT outside our house...and our church. The government decided to switch the date of the Marathon to always be on a Sunday, so our church can't meet because the road is closed. So this year we had our Sunday morning service on Saturday night...kinda weird! But our church meets on the road outside our church every year to cheer on the runners (hense the name of the marathon...comrades...where everyone helps and cheers on the runners!)

The runners....this shot is looking up the road from our church (and home)
Cheering on the runners
Noah's first Comrades! Maybe he'll run it someday?

Since the roads are closed a bunch of the girls spent the night at our house so they could watch the Marathon
Mark and Sam cheering on the runners Happy 1st Father's Day!


Stephen Roth said...

Hi Clint and Kim:

It was good to see your blog. We think your little boy is adorable. I mentioned to Elizabeth that I want to some day run Comrades. She thinks I'm crazy. Running websites here in America have mentioned that participation in Comrades is down about 20% because of the switch to Sunday. We pray that your ministry will continue honor the Lord and bear much fruit. It was neat to see our pastor, Scott Ardo in a different environment.

Many prayers

Steve and Elizabeth Roth

Clint & Kim said...

hey steve if you read this then send me your email address so I can say hi back!! :)

Stephen Roth said...

Hi Clint and Kim:

It is stephenroth4906@sbcglobal.net