Monday, September 11, 2006

What to expect...

So after going to 2 malls and 6 bookshops, I finally found it!! Wooo hoo. It's so funny not being able to just strut right on into a Barnes & Noble thats 2 stories tall and pick out whatever book you are looking for!! But it was kinda fun going on the hunt. It's funny cause all the pregnancy magazines here are British, so they all use the word "mum" instead of mom, which has always freaked me out a little! So my favorite thing this book says is that I can't change the kitty litter when I'm pregnant. Yippeee!

So many people have asked how I told Clint?!?! Well, after taking the test at 7am to find out, and after seeing TWO lines (not one!) I ran straight to the fridge and pulled out Clint's favorite possession, an IBC Cream Soda in a bottle that we brought over from the states in December that he was hoarding cause its his favorite, and he was waiting for the "occasion" to drink it. I ran straight back to the bed where he was asleep, woke him up and I said "I think you should drink this for breakfast" and he was like...."huh? is it going bad?" and I was like...."no to Celebrate!" and he was like "huh?" and then I told him I thought I was pregnant, and showed him the stick. With blurry eyes he looked at it, looked at me and smiled...and was like....are you sure?!?!? So we drove across the street to the medical centre to take a blood test, and after a (grueling!) hour, she said, congratulations!! We couldn't believe it, and are just so happy. Clint made the announcement on Sunday morning as his opening illustration...everyone was suprised and started clapping. It was a pretty cool moment. It still doesn't really feel real.

Our church camp is next week, and Stuart Olyott is the guest speaker. He is staying with us this week, and he has a gluten allergy (no wheat, rice, oats or anything!) so if anyone has any good "gluten free" recipies...please give me an email!! :) Stuart Olyott wrote an awesome book on preaching, so we are super excited to have him in our home. Its one of the blessings of being the "pastors home" is you get to host really cool guest speakers!!

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HaysHitzeroth said...

I'm so glad you found that book. It's supposed to be the best. Nice that you don't have to change the kitty litter :) hee hee