Thursday, September 08, 2005


So since we are moving I have been selling alot of stuff ebay. I just made 40 bucks on a pair of worn jeans. You never know, your closet could be a goldmine. I wish I could sell my furnature, could you imagine the shipping costs? Couch:100 dollars, shipping 400

I am so glad we are moving at least to ONE place, I think women are more concerned with the home, and have a nesting instinct. It would be weird to go, like Paul, on so many missionary journeys and not sort of have a place to call home. Just thinking about starting over with everything freaks me out a little. We can't ship anything electric, bigger than 5 feet, and a majority of it will be books. So everything we were given for our wedding we will have to sell, and start all over from scratch. Its like giving away a small part of your life, one EBAY auction at a time. It really makes you think about material goods so differently. We now look in our closets and say "don't need that!" Really all that matters is you and your relationship with God. We all are naked and bare before Him whom we have to do...Hebrews 4

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